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GPSA760/761 Clinical Research Tutorial, 3 credits

Day/Time TBA: GPSA760/761 Clinical Research Tutorial Students in the Certificate program work individually with a chairperson after development of a proposal approved by the training committee. The chairperson assists the student in completion of the proposal for the project through completion, approval, and final presentation of the project. – 3 credits

GPSA586 Career Counseling, 3 credits

Day/Time TBA: GPSA586 Career Counseling / Chang This course is designed to provide an understanding of career development and the interrelationship between careers and personality’ lifespan development; family; lifestyle choice; use of defense mechanisms and diversity. A broad understanding of career development theories, occupational and educational information sources, assessment tools, and measures, decision-making models and […]

GPSA554 Research Seminar, 3 credits

Day/Time TBA: GPSA554 Research Seminar / Gerber (Zoom)   This intensive course guides students in their design and completion of the Master’s paper within the guidelines of ethical research practices. Group work and close guidance of the instructors facilitates the thesis writing process. The course pays special attention to the formation of research question, research […]

GPSA750 Clinical Case Seminar, 3 credits

Thursday, 7:10-9:30pm GPSA750 Clinical Case Seminar / Bratt (Main)   GPSA 750 Clinical Case Seminar: The Initial Diagnosis and Resistances: Psychoanalytic Theory of Psychodiagnosis This course is designed for students who are clinical candidates. Clinical cases are presented at an advanced level to consider for diagnostic examination. Students review diagnostic categories and case examples with […]

GPSA529 Transference and Countertransference, 3 credits

Thursday, 4:50-7:10pm GPSA529 Transference and Countertransference / Silver (Main)   In this course students learn about the theoretical and clinical meanings of transference and countertransference and their importance as a framework and tools in working effectively with people. They study, through ongoing cases, readings, films, and group discussion, the helping relationship, and techniques to facilitate […]

GPSA705 Fieldwork Seminar, 4 credits

Thursday, 4:50-7:10pm GPSA705 Fieldwork Seminar (If 703 has already been taken) / DeLia (Main)   GPSA 705 Fieldwork Seminar: Working with Resistance in the Stages of Treatment In this segment of the fieldwork experience, students are prepared to work with the unique dynamics in the beginning, middle and end stages of treatment. The course prepares […]

GPSA700 Fieldwork Practicum, 4 credits

Thursday, 4:50-7:10pm GPSA700 Fieldwork Practicum (1st semester only) / DeLia (Main)   GPSA 700 Fieldwork Practicum Treatment Beginnings & Small Group Studies (SGS) In this first Fieldwork segment, students are assisted in obtaining a Fieldwork placement, given early interviewing classroom practice in the initial encounters, and encouraged to begin studying the counseling/therapeutic process as they […]

GPSA758 Continuing Case, 3 credits

Thursday, 9:00-11:20am GPSA758 Continuing Case / Rosenthal (Main & Zoom) Through continuing case presentations of three cases, students will apply theory to practice. With the agreement of the training committee, this course can be selected as fulfilling the requirement for the clinical case course after four semesters of successful completion of clinical case coursework. – […]