“Courage”: Confronting Our Own Reactions, Feelings and Thoughts
Working with Borderline Clients.

Course Description

The more we can study and understand our natural reactions to challenging individuals, the more we can help them improve their functioning. Our reactions, whether arising from personal history or induced by the client, are tools for unraveling what the person is attempting to communicate, andfor devising effective therapeutic interventions. This workshop will focus on the concept of counter transference, especially the distinction between subjective and objective forms, as they influence our ability to help our patients.  Cases of treatment of borderline patients will be reviewed, demonstrating use of induced feelings as therapeutic agent. Workshop participants are invited to present issues with their own cases to help resolve treatment impasses.


Participants will be able to:

Describe subjective and objective counter transference.

Apply awareness of subjective and objective countertransference to understanding of blocks in their work with a client or family member.

Integrate an innovative approach to studying patients’ symbolic communications

Design therapeutic interventions, based on appraising emotional responses in the clinical relationship, for resolving blocks in their work with a client or family member.