GPSA 554 Masters Research Seminar – 3 credits

This intensive course guides students in their design and completion of the Master’s paper within the guidelines of ethical research
practices. The paper is usually based on the fieldwork experience. Group work and close guidance of the instructor facilitates the
thesis writing process. The course pays special attention to the formation of research question, research methodology, and writing
appropriate literature reviews. The course operates as an intellectual workshop in which students share the process as well as the results
of their research with the group throughout the semester. Each seminar member chooses a research topic, collects and analyzes data,
writes a report, and then presents his/her research proposal in the middle of the semester and his/her research results in the seminar
sometime during the last two weeks of the semester. The completed paper, when accepted by the instructor, counts as the Master’s Paper.
Papers should be written in the style of the American Psychological Association

(APA)Style Manual. (MA)


DAY/TIME TBA |  GPSA554 Research Seminar – Day/time to be arranged w/instructor

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