GPSA 555B Proposal Writing: Professional Ethics & the Psychoanalytic Case Study Seminar – 3 credits

3  credits

GPSA 555B Research Seminar – Proposal Writing/Gerber/TBA

In this two-semester course, students will learn how to develop a proposal for the psychoanalytic case paper in the Certificate program. Students will prepare a narrative of the case dynamics which describes the course of treatment and presents a question about some aspect of the case that puzzles the student; show how the therapist listens in order to form an impression of the individual’s emotional experience; write a review of the clinical literature that relates to the research area; and describe a method for analyzing a series of process recordings. This course meets the requirements for the Proposal Writing course as a prerequisite for the Tutorial sequence. *Students must submit a request to the training committee for permission to enroll in this course through their fellow.

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