GPSA 753 Clinical Case Seminar (3 credits)

Thursday- 4:50 – 7:00pm GPSA 753 Clinical Case: Practice Technique in Dreams & Symbolic Communication/DeLia

Practice Technique in Dreams and Symbolic Communication (3 Credits)
This semester we will examine countertransference and ethical issues as they interact in decisions on treatment and technique. Often the conscious and unconscious attitudes of the analyst that shape countertransference also influence one’s ethical position. Case examples and readings will help students describe reactions and use them in their treatment decisions. A special focus will be on how analysis of symbolic communication and dreams are influenced by one’s countertransference. Students take this advanced course for the duration of their Consultation Center work. It is designed to help students work with patients, to recognize early resistances in treatment, and to understand induction and countertransference resistances in treatment.