GPSA701B-N The Small Group Study

GPSA701B-N The Small Group Study is taken in conjunction with fieldwork or clinical case. The students study individual cases at their Fieldwork Site in depth, presenting and reading about the dynamics of each case as well as their personal reactions to the client. Students will present cases with process notes as a way to study the dynamics of the cases. Each week three students meet with the faculty and present their cases, studying the most therapeutic approach to each case. Students remain in the same SGS for one year.



3:15-4:45pm GPSA701L SGS / TBA

7:00-8:30pm GPSA701D SGS-Fieldwork / Thomas (Room D) 7:20-9:40pm

GPSA701-2 Fieldwork Seminar / Ashworth (limited to 12 students) (Main)


2:30-4:00pm GPSA701E SGS / Silver (Room D)

5:20-6:50pm GPSA701F SGS / Lapides (Room D)


9:30-11:00am GPSA701G SGS / Bratt (Bratt office)

12:00-1:30 pm GPSA701H SGS / Vaccaro (Vaccaro office)

12:00-1:00pm GPSA701C SGS / Lazar (Room D)

3:10-4:40pm GPSA701J SGS / Semel (Semel office)

3:15-4:45pm GPSA701K SGS / DeLia (Room D)

3:15-4:15pm GPSA701M SGS / Miller (Zoom)