ACAP Strengths

ACAP's Strengths
  1. A 30 year track record running a successful postgraduate certificate program in psychoanalysis.
  2. The only academic institution in New Jersey offering two, regionally accredited graduate degrees, in partnership with the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
  3. The capacity for attracting students from richly diverse groups
  4. An intensely mentored program that has insured a 98% graduation record for all matriculated students.
  5. A self-contained academic environment in which students can develop the sense of
    community with their colleagues, a model for successful community engagement, and
    adaptation in stress-laden careers.
  6. Classroom functions as a clinical lab using academic and emotional learning systems.
  7. A curriculum structured to meet the time needs of working adults.
  8. A strong track record of offering students exciting and meaningful practicum and externship experiences.
  9. An extensive library pertaining to psychoanalysis, counseling, psychotherapy,
  10. Online access to PEP, Psychoanalytic Electronic Publications, for all students. PEP has archived the articles of most of the prominent journals in the field through 2011
  11. A faculty actively involved in the disciplines and professional organizations representing the wide spectrum of careers available for graduates of the program.
  12. A faculty and administration actively involved in monitoring and participating in leadership roles in any legislative initiatives or professional organizations that may influence the future careers of our graduates.