Distance Learning

Modern Psychoanalysis has a rich and long tradition of providing psychoanalysis and treatment to all individuals, even those who until in recent years, were thought to be unsuitable for psychodynamic approaches. Success with these more seriously vulnerable people provided the foundation for the theory and technique of Modern Psychoanalysis as founded by Hyman Spotnitz. The treatment approach is widely credited with providing effective treatment in mental health as well as successful strategies in education and business settings. While training centers in Modern Psychoanalysis are limited to the eastern U.S., ACAP is making this valuable resource available worldwide via its distance learning program.

At ACAP, long distance learning is a method of participation in courses, classes, and supervision offered locally for individuals whose distance from the center would otherwise preclude them from training. Long distance learning has been offered at ACAP since 1995. Participants have included mental health professionals seeking to enhance their clinical expertise, individuals seeking advanced certification in psychoanalysis and continuing education in many professional disciplines. Our diverse participants come from all over the globe.

Many of the programs offered by ACAP and/or ICPS* are amenable to long distance participation.   These include the certificate in psychoanalysis, the one-year program, all introductory courses, and courses offered as continuing professional education in the social work and counseling fields. As new programs are added, suitability for distance learning will be a vital consideration.

Participation in courses is open to all interested parties. Distance learners are assigned advisors and are highly mentored throughout the process (as are local students). Any requirement for admission is outlined in the ACAP Bulletin and on the website. Requirements to practice in a mental health field are subject to a participant’s local regulations and licensure.

Success in long distance learning with ACAP relies heavily on the use of internet and its video conferencing capabilities. ACAP is continually updating its equipment and methodology to capture the most optimal arrangement. Long distance training through ACAP is advantageous because it is synchronous in audio and visual input. Further, participation in classes is in “real time” with instructors and other students. Minimum technical requirements include a computer, internet connection of sufficient bandwidth for video without buffering, a webcam, headphones with microphone, and a call phone. Long distance students will use the same video conferencing software as ACAP. To date, these have been free downloads on platforms such as ZOOM.

At the current time participation in long distance learning means students are in class at the same time as the class is being held in the Livingston, New Jersey offices or are entirely virtual. These classes are offered in the U.S. eastern time zone (GMT-4 or GMT-5), and in the English language.

Further information can be obtained directly from the ACAP offices by calling 973 629 1001.

*The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, (formerly BGSP-NJ, now ICPS), offers a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and in Psychoanalysis, along with a Post-Masters Certificate in Mental Health Counseling, hosted by ACAP at the Livingston, NJ campus and through distance learning.

ICPS, The Institute of Counseling and Psychoanalytic Studies (ICPS), New Jersey Campus of BGSP (Formerly BGSP-NJ) is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE, by the US Department of Education (USDOE)).

The ICPS curriculum is accepted by the New Jersey Professional Counselor Examiners Committee.