Psychoanalytic Certificate Program —

A nationally accredited, graduate program by ABAP, the American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis, leading to certification as a professional psychoanalyst.

Nationally accredited since 1990, graduates of the Certificate Psychoanalytic Program are eligible to apply for New Jersey State Certification as a Psychoanalyst.

The Certificate program is designed to provide the  student with a broad foundation in the fundamentals of psychoanalysis. The mission of ACAP’s Certificate program is to train individuals in the theory and practice of Modern Psychoanalysis. The program consists of academic coursework, supervised clinical practice and personal analysis to prepare students to enter the profession of psychoanalysis at the most advanced level. Students work with patients at the North Jersey Consultation Center (NJCC).

Distance Learning students are welcome.

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Courses will meet for 2hrs 10mins for 16 weeks. Summer session meets for 9 weeks. Examination Week is the last week of each semester. Further psychoanalytic laboratory experiences are required to complete ACAP courses. They may be obtained by attending Clinical Workshops, Conferences & Meetings.

How to Apply

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