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iStrive Center provides social, emotional and career mentorship, empowering neurodiverse young adults to overcome obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential in all areas. Those essential life skills mature in a nontraditional pattern are often considered to have plateaued simply because of chronological age. We disagree and want to encourage and promote the continued growth we know is possible. We do not want them to “fall off the cliff”, as is often described, once general educational services are no longer available. Our experience is that these valuable community members learn in divergent ways that are often sparked by emotional connectedness that coincides with the learning process and socialization opportunity. Our program provides this experiential platform combined with concrete skill building and self-advocacy training.

Our second objective, equally important, is to provide a support and educational network for the families of the nontraditional young adult. We recognize the commitment required to shepherd successful adulthood. Without support parents can suffer burnout from confronting the challenges of multiple bureaucracies coupled with other family and work demands. iStrive Center offers opportunities for parents to thrive along with their adult children.

iStrive parents are periodically invited to join us in their own meeting here at ACAP. They get a much-needed opportunity to hear talks, attend seminars, and share what they’ve learned. iStrive works with families as a collaborative community to help us develop a meaningful, evolving program.

Our iStrive parent group:

istrive parent group

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For those who want to help support the program and our young adults, their families, and the many community partners who will benefit from it. Please feel free to indicate amount on the response card,  contact us, or click the donate button below. Every donation will be gratefully received and put to good use for ACAP iStrive.