ACAP Partnering Programs

Concrete and Practical Solutions

In 2007 ACAP formed the Community Resource Partnering Network (CRPN), bringing together 50 organizations and agencies to:

Explore benefits of partnering
Strategize efficient, successful partnering projects
Discover best practices of networking partners to help improve each others’ productivity.

Since 2007 ACAP has formed successful new partnerships in developing programs and obtaining grants with other CRPN members. Through its CRPN leadership ACAP has assisted allied organizations in developing, implementing or expanding partnerships with each other.

Why partner with ACAP?

Partnering programs with ACAP:

    • improve resource use and increase the bottom line through enhanced productivity,
    • increase ability to receive foundation grants and other funding,
    • improve collaboration in Staff Development programs; in working through issues, people reveal to us in confidence what they cannot say to superiors and evaluators, and
    • grow the strength and resilience of workers and managers through workshops, conferences, consultations, and referral to therapy at the NJCC.


    • nontraditional and accepting teaching methods have a strong track record with proven results.
    • Staff Development Teams are specialists in resolving conflicts in relationships between people and within organizations.
    • individualized programs are developed to benefit the specific and unique needs of each partnering organization.

How does it work?

Just call ACAP and ask to speak with Patricia Bratt, our Director of Development, 973-629-1001; direct line: 973-629-1007; or contact her by email us to discuss your organization’s needs and how a specialized program can be offered to your employees and/or their families. Budgets, fees, grant development, and contracts are structured on an individual basis in consultation with the partnering organizations.