One-Year Program: Modern Psychoanalytic Studies

Meets for six sessions |  Participants may enter at any point in the sequence because courses are rotated regularly.

ACAP’s One Year Program will be offered again in Fall 2021-Spring 2022.

The One Year Program consists of four courses over one year and provides an opportunity for clinical practitioners and professionals in various disciplines to enhance their clinical skills by introducing them to innovative, Modern Psychoanalytic principles, theories, and techniques. Students learn effective ways to design interventions to reverse maladaptive emotional and behavioral patterns, and quickly begin to master new, practical clinical skills that can profoundly impact work with clients by promoting a collaborative, self-defining approach to growth. ACAP’s methods for working in challenging situations can make the difference between burnout and career satisfaction through covering basic concepts in modern psychoanalysis. Participants receive a certificate of completion at the end of each course.
Tuition for the One-Year Program: $350 per course
INSTRUCTOR: Lillesol Kane

Distance Learning Students are welcome.

Click the link to download the brochure. (One-Year Program Brochure)

See each offering for specific details or call 973-629-1001, , to inquire.