Trauma and Resilience Studies

For those seeking recognition as trauma specialists ACAP offers a certificate program in Trauma and Resilience Studies.

We also provide advanced training for those working on the front lines of trauma recovery who want to develop or enhance expertise in trauma and resilience work and expand clinical skills. Trauma and Resiliance training for mental health professionalsOur programs help prepare you to work effectively with survivors and avoid burnout, or secondary secondary trauma, and develop personal resilience while helping others cope with trauma reactions. We partner with many groups such as Child Life Specialists, Grief Support organizations, Hospice, the Mental Health Associations, and first responder groups to insure the well-being of those who care for the communities’ fragile as well as the victims of overwhelming events.

ACAP has been delivering services for survivors of traumatic events occurring in everyday life, such as domestic violence or schoolyard bullying, to environmental catastrophes like natural disasters or 9/11 for more than two decades. In the four months after 9/11 ACAP staff provided Critical Incident debriefing services for than 3000 survivors of the World Trade Center and their families.

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Write to Heal Workshop
An ACAP Expressive Writing Group By Nancy Gerber “People who use writing to make sense of trauma are less anxious and experience improved immune function.” Learn More>>


“The writing group has allowed me to come out of the isolation of solitary writing. Writing is meant to be read, and the group has offered me the opportunity to take the risk of sharing my work.  It has also created a community, a connection with ourselves and others that is almost lost in our high tech world

Writing is a necessity for me. It gives me a sense of relief to release the contents of my mind.  It is my meditation, my centering, my pit stop in life, my oil change. Once renewed, recharged, I can enter the world again.”

— C.E.

“I attended this workshop to kick-start my writing again after too long of a hiatus.  This is a welcoming environment conducive to creativity and camaraderie.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at what bubbles up from the unconscious when given a prompt or a few lines of another’s writing, but I often am.  What fun to listen to the thoughts and memories of the group, the uniqueness of the individuals and the thread of the collective mind!”

— Rosemary McGee

“The Writing Workshop is proving healing; it is also helping me to identify a gift I was not aware of having.  The participants in the group bring such a positive energy, such warmth, professionalism.  They are all willing to share their vulnerabilities.  This is all amazing to me.”

— Charlene Mason-Reese