ACAP Programs

ACAP and ICPS have been continuously, nationally accredited by ABAP, the American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis, since 1990.

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Graduate Psychoanalytic Certificate Program

ACAP offers a clinical training program leading to a Certificate in Modern Psychoanalysis. Graduates of the Psychoanalytic Program are eligible to apply for New Jersey State Certification as a Psychoanalyst. Additionally, we offer certificate programs in Trauma and Lifespan Studies in our Continuing Education department.

ICPS Graduate Program

A branch of the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, ICPS, offers two regionally accredited Master of Arts degrees at our Livingston, NJ campus – Learn more>>

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Post-Masters Program In Psychodynamic Counseling

Externship placement with supervision opportunities are also available as electives to fulfill clinical requirements.

ICPS is excited to announce it has received state approval for the first and only, 30-credit post-Masters certificate program in Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Counseling in NJ. The program is designed to enhance clinical skills and reduce the post-masters licensure clinical requirement by 1500 hours.

One-Year Program

ACAP offers a One-Year Program in Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. Our One-Year Program provides an opportunity for clinical practitioners and professionals in various disciplines to enhance their clinical skills by introducing them to innovative, Modern Psychoanalytic principles, theories, and techniques.

Continuing Ed

ACAP offers Continuing Ed, through the Applied Psychoanalysis Division, with our

  • Trauma and Resilience Studies Certificate,
  • Mini-courses,
  • Workshops, Lectures, Conferences, Films, and
  • Community Partnering Opportunities

ACAP is an approved provider of CE and Professional Development for many professional organizations, such as: NJEA, NBCC, NASW, the Nurses Association, the Art Therapy Association, and others. Please  email us for more information or call 973-629-1002 for CE information about specific events.

Trauma & Resilience

ACAP’s TRS programs uniquely benefit a wide variety of individuals, including those in mental health, academia, emergency services, medicine, nursing, law enforcement, and education, seeking to understand how trauma and human development coexist in our adaptation to life crises and as potential foundations for resilience.

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