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“Porcupines: Managing Conflicts with Adolescents”
Three 10 minute segments
Abnormal is normal for adolescence. How can parents safely assess their teen’s behavior and well-being? When is it time to have difficult conversations? How do you do it without alienating your child? What are some guidelines for managing conflict with teens in the home? Therapists Patricia Bratt, Charles Pumilia and Sheila Zaretsky from ACAP in NJ describe their work with adolescents and families, and share suggestions for navigating this difficult life stage.

“Helping Children Cope with Grief”
Three 10 minute segments
ACAP therapists, grief counselors, and psychoanalysts discuss signs of normal and extreme responses to loss among children and offer concrete tools for listening, talking, providing support for grieving children, and coping mechanisms for those who work in this difficult field.