iStrive is a Saturday program for young adults on the autism spectrum who are aging out of most services

It helps them continue growing toward independence, social relationships, emotional well-being, and career readiness. These young people have much to offer the community and iStrive helps them shine.

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These emerging adults need the time and professional mentoring to learn the communication, self-advocacy, and appropriate interpersonal behavior that will sustain them in professional performance on the job and in relationships. It’s not just their intellectual skills, or eagerness to be productive in meaningful ways that will help them move upward. It is the opportunity for them to incorporate the many interpersonal and job-related values we all did at an earlier age, just at a different speed.

iStrive Center:

On Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM, iStrive Center begins as staff welcomes our young adults, to ACAP in Livingston N.J. At ACAP they experience stress management and mindfulness activities, receive emotional literacy assistance, and yoga. They spend time on incorporating both interpersonal and pragmatic practices of successful job-hunting, and the professionalism at work that will help them thrive. And importantly, they have a chance to make friends with each other. As these young adults grow they have the same needs all of us have for interpersonal connections and friendships. iStrive Center helps them achieve this.

iStrive Center Goals:

  • Extend socialization and friendship skills
  • Offer opportunities for weekend activities
  • Improve social, vocational, and emotional functioning
  • Create a collaborative community atmosphere where parents,  members, and staff build the programiStrive program for young autistic adults
  • Provide group activities and individual psychotherapy
  • Develop avenues for parent networking and support

Parents: Periodically, iStrive Center parents are invited to join us in their own space here at ACAP. They get a much-needed opportunity to hear talks, attend seminars, and share what they’ve learned. iStrive works with families as a collaborative community to help us develop a meaningful, evolving program. Learn More>>

Here is exactly what parents have been telling us:

“Being a parent of someone with unique needs, I can tell you the best source of information is other parents, ” a mother told us. “I want to be surrounded by people who are realistic, but hopeful. ”

”I’m finding it hard to envision the rest of my son’s life and I need to hear what other parents have to say. Maybe there’s something I haven’t thought of.”

“My son needs activities so his energy can be directed. He needs a structured place where he can navigate into adulthood.”

iStrive Center for autistic adults

“Especially on weekends, he gets just locked in a video game.” another mother of a young adult recently told us. “I guess it serves some emotional function, but he gets so lost in those repetitive activities that it’s hard to win him back. ”

Corporations and Community: Our other essential partners are the community of corporations who will benefit in many ways, tangible and intangible, from an inclusive approach such as iStrive’s adding a new class of reliable, creative, productive workers to your workforce. Our commitment includes working with you and your employees to help introduce and build awareness of this new advance, and to provide back up to insure all goes smoothly. Learn More>>

Mental Health Professionals: The iStrive Center program also provides opportunity for new mental health professionals, seeking licensure in the state, to be mentored and receive much sought after clinical supervision while working with these young adults. It is a close, collaborate, interactive milieu where all can grow, and then give back to the community through working with local companies. Learn More>>

ACAP is a non-profit organization and holds 501c3 status. All proceeds benefit the ACAP iStrive program.

Below are some photos from our Saturday program:

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For those who want to help support the program and our young adults, their families, and the many community partners who will benefit from it. Please feel free to indicate amount on the response card, contact us, or click the donate button below. Every donation will be gratefully received and put to good use for ACAP iStrive.

iStrive is a unique concept designed to meet social, occupational growth, emotional, and interpersonal needs of young adults, high-functioning on the autism spectrum. iStrive meets on Saturdays, September through June, 9:30am to 1:30pm. The day will be made up of several types of group modules, facilitated by iStrive staff. Participants whose tolerance for group interaction may become challenged, will also be able to work in one-on-one with our NJCC staff as requested.

A special characteristic of iStrive is that it is a concept program with content evolving over time, and with the essential input of participants and parent advisory groups. Every aspect of iStrive is informed by ACAP’s unique approach of supporting the positive traits of each person, while building in new skills to help with social and vocational adaptation and success.

We invite you to call ACAP’s iStrive Center to arrange time for an application phone and in person interview, as well as to get more information about iStrive. Initial discussions will be arranged on the phone, followed by in person interviews which will be available Mondays 10:00 – 12:30, and Saturdays 9:30 – 1:30, but can also be arranged to meet individual schedules.