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Current Areas of Greatest Need
ACAP is in greatest need of your general operating support. Your donation is valuable to us and can help to make progress towards reaching our goals:DYFS training at ACAP

1. Library Fund
$30,000 Conversion to an Electronic Card Catalog and addition of Research Databases. Your donation can help us to meet this goal!

2. Scholarship Fund

$25,000 to support Joining Forces. Our program to assist urban mental health workers and educators to participate in courses and to improve the impact of their work on vulnerable children and families in New Jersey. Just $1,600 allows one worker to participate for two semesters

3. Trauma and Resilience Studies
ACAP provides services for survivors of traumatic events from those occurring in everyday ife, such as domestic violence or schoolyard bullying, to environmental catastrophes like natural disasters or 9/11. In the four months after 9/11 ACAP staff provided Critical Incident debriefing services for than 3000 survivors of the World Trade Center and their families. ACAP trains those who work on the front lines of trauma recovery through conferences, seminars and ongoing supervision.Through ACAP’s academic programs we teach those who want to either develop expertise in trauma and resilience work, or to expand clinical skills.

Trauma and Resiliance training for mental health professionals

4. NJCC Financial Hardship Assistance Program
In the tough financial times we face, more and more people will be in need of low cost treatment alternatives. The North Jersey Consultation Center (NJCC) is preparing to accept individuals facing financial hardship and help them to transition their lives. We see individuals who need support to turn their lives around but may be uninsured or underinsured. We never turn patients away due to inability to pay. A donation of $200 helps 4 individuals or families through the intake process, enabling them to be assigned to a clinican for ongoing treatment.

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Interested in making a donation but not online? Call our fundraising office. Annette Vaccaro, Grants Coordinator

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ACAP gratefully acknowledges financial support received from the following Foundations and Corporations:

  • Fanny and Svante Knistrom Foundation
  • Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey
  • Mary Hutchins Foundation
  • MetroWest
  • Orange Orphans Society
  • Thomas Berry Foundation
  • The Page Hill Foundation
  • Syms Corporation
  • Hooper Holmes Foundation
  • Charles D. Webster Foundation
  • Sovereign Bank
  • The Hyde & Watson Foundation
  • Chubb Corporation
  • The Darling Family Foundation
  • Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation
  • The Berry Foundation
  • Bradley & Sons Funeral Home

We acknowledge also the many individual contributors who provide support for ACAP’s training and treatment services.

Letter from our Executive Director

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

We would like you to know what contributions to ACAP can do.  For nearly thirty years ACAP has been providing “ Tools for Life” through teaching, treating the Vicki Semel, Executive Director of ACAPmentally ill and community service.  Almost all of this work is done by professional volunteers including faculty, staff, board members and committee participants.  Collectively professional volunteers from ACAP provide over 20,000 hours of service per year to ACAP in our community focus commitments, a cooperative model where contributions happen everyday.  That is why YOUR donations work to enable OUR volunteers to provide “Tools for Life” to our students, our communities and to those who need them most. Let me tell you about some of the essential people who make our work possible:  Read More