iStrive Payments

iStrive Payment for 1 month | $200

iStrive Payment for 2 months | $400

iStrive Payment for 6 months | $1,200

iStrive Payment for  1 Year | $2,400

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We are excited to announce that ACAP’s iStrive Center, which opened on January 12, 2019, is continuing to accept applications from potential members. iStrive is a unique concept designed to meet social, occupational growth, emotional, and interpersonal needs of young adults, high-functioning on the autism spectrum. iStrive is scheduled to meet on Saturdays, September through June, 9:30am to 1:30pm. The day will be made up of several types of group modules, facilitated by iStrive staff. Participants whose tolerance for group interaction may become challenged, will also be able to work in one-on-one with our NJCC staff as requested.

A special characteristic of iStrive is that it is a concept program with content evolving over time, and with the essential input of participants and parent advisory groups. Every aspect of iStrive is informed by ACAP’s unique approach of supporting the positive traits of each person, while building in new skills to help with social and vocational adaptation and success.

We invite you to call ACAP’s iStrive Center to arrange time for an application phone and in person interview, as well as to get more information about iStrive. Initial discussions will be arranged on the phone, followed by in person interviews which will be available Mondays 10:00 – 12:30, and Saturdays 9:00 – 1:30, but can also be arranged to meet individual schedules.

Sponsorship Opportunities: We hope you will consider iStrive sponsorship opportunities in your generous giving budget. As a helpful guideline about program expenses, it costs about $5,000 per year to support one young adult in the program.

Platinum Level

Gold Level

Silver Level

Bronze Level

For those who want to help support the program and our young adults, their families, and the many community partners who will benefit from it. Please feel free to indicate amount on the response card,  contact us, or click the donate button below. Every donation will be gratefully received and put to good use for ACAP iStrive.