ACAP Application For Admission

Instructions For ACAP Admissions:

1. Use this form for the following Programs: Certificate ● Non-Matriculation ● Trauma & Resilience ● One-Year Program.

2. Complete this form and return to the Administrative Office with the non-refundable application fee of $35.00.
3. Attach a brief statement describing your professional goals and any other reasons for seeking psychoanalytic training.
4. Have two letters of reference/recommendation sent to the Administrative Office. Email to
5. Have official copies of your undergraduate and graduate transcripts sent to the Administrative Office.
6. Upon receipt of the completed application and official transcripts, the Dean of Admissions will arrange two interviews.
7. Two interviews are required for the matriculated Psychoanalytic Certificate Program.

* Non-matriculating applicants need only complete this form & arrange an interview before or during semester

Click here to download a pdf of the Application for Admission. Print and mail in, or fill out form below and mail in application fee.

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To pay your non-refundable application fee of $35 via PayPal, please click here after submitting the form: