Grant Funded Programs

The Joining Forces Tuition Assistance Program was developed by The Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis (ACAP), to provide administrators, health center workers, clinicians, teachers and anyone who works with vulnerable populations with greater accessibility to the opportunity to participate in ACAP’s programs through tuition assistance. The program has made ACAP a more diverse and community responsive psychoanalytic institute, linking our training directly to those who are interfacing with the most needy populations and sites.

Joining Forces (JF) originated through a partnership between the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey and ACAP. The program has been funded by the Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation since 2009. Joining Forces tuition assistance is an up to half (50%) tuition grant award. The JF tuition assistance grant is applied towards any of ACAP programs with the exception of the Clinical Supervision Course.

Candidates are eligible if he or she:
  • serves a socially, psychologically, cognitively, or medically vulnerable population;
  • is enrolled in the one year program, ACAP’s conferences, TRS program or an ACAP certificate program course;
  • is in the first three semesters of the ACAP certificate program.
Tuition assistance grants are not available to certificate program students after the third semester of study.
To apply, the candidate must:
  • complete an application and registration form for the program of choice;
  • become accepted, if required, and registered with the ACAP administrative office for the course;
  • complete and submit a tuition assistance form documenting eligibility criteria to the tuition assistance committee
  • pay the remaining balance towards the course before tuition assistance will be applied to the student’s account.
Tuition Assistance applications that are reviewed and approved will result in a letter or e-mail stating the amount granted and the course that the tuition assistance covers or the applicant will be contacted regarding ineligibility. Tuition assistance does not make a student ineligible for work study or other ACAP programs or assistance. It is not financial aid and does not require repayment. ACAP appreciates participants’ letters of appreciation that are submitted to directly to the funder to encourage continued support or participation in volunteer activities at ACAP.
Tuition assistance is not always available and is based on Funding availability, funders’ restrictions and eligibility guidelines. Additional questions can be directed to the Tuition Assistance Committee at [email protected].