GPSA750 Clinical Case, 3 credits

Tuesday, 12:00-2:20pm GPSA750 Clinical Case: / Semel (Main)

GPSA 750 Clinical Case Seminar: The Initial Diagnosis and Resistances: Psychoanalytic Theory of Psychodiagnosis This course is designed for students who are clinical candidates. Clinical cases are presented at an advanced level to consider for diagnostic examination. Students review diagnostic categories and case examples with emphasis on the beginning stages of treatment, resistances and psychodiagnosis within a clinical context. The course prepares students to work within an ethical framework with a wide range of presenting symptoms and offers a range of perspectives from counseling and psychoanalysis. Special emphasis is placed on the working alliance, establishing the treatment contract, treatment destructive resistances and counter transferential processes in relationship to establishing the treatment given a range of presenting problems. – 3 credits