GPSA 562 Neuropsychoanalysis and the Resilent Mind (3 credits)

Thursday, 7:10 – 9:30pm GPSA 562 Neuropsychoanalysis and the Resilent Mind/Bratt


Neuropsychoanalysis is the intersection of psychodynamic thinking and neuroscience. Over the past three decades research in neuroscience has led to breakthroughs that significantly expand our understanding of the brain-mind dyad and psychotherapeutic practice. The importance of considering both the physical functions of the brain and its reciprocal, essential interactions with the subjective mind is clear. Clinical practice is enhanced by a comprehension of neurobiological forces that influence brain function and the subjective experience of being: consciousness and relationship to the world of lived experience. This course will explore the fundamentals of neuroscience that impact the developing mind, adaptive skills, and interpersonal relationships – all in relation to psychodynamic practice. Course resources will include: readings, films, guest lecturers, and case presentations.